ongoing: Gospel Outreach in the Chinese community of the Agincourt area of Toronto, Ontario

Summer 2008

July ~St Marys Ontario Tent Meetings~Ed Miller and

July ~Bishop's Fall Newfoundland Tent Meetings~Eric Fowler and Holger Verlage

July 4 to 25~Agincourt, OntarioTent Meetings~ Gospel Outreach with the Chinese Community

July 6-27~Calgary, Alberta Tent Meetings~Gaius Goff and Bryon Meyers

July 6 ~ Brandon, Manitoba Tent Meetings~Jack Gould and Jack Nesbitt

July 13-27 ~Brampton Ontario Tent Meetings~Brian Crawford and Marvin Derksen

July 13-31 ~Kinston North Carolina Tent Meetings~David Oliver and local brethren